About Us

The faculty of Islamic Studies, situated in Misurata, is one of the faculties that belong to Misurata University. It is corresponding to other faculties specialized in Islamic studies both locally and internationally. In fact, the decision of creating the faculty was made by the prime minister on 15/ 04/ 2015.
Today, the faculty of Islamic studies is located in the Zarroug region, Misurata. Specifically, in the building of Islamic Studies, situated in the faculty of Arts( formerly ), beside the mosque of Zarroug and the Zarroug community-based library.

Our Dean

In an age that is enlightened with thought, full of challenges and distinctive with communication, we must keep trying to keep up with the world, so that we improve and develop instead of falling behind. Therefore, we must focus on activating electronic communication which is based on electronic websites bywhich we can communicate for achieving tasks and obviate wasting time, effort and money on communicating in reality. In addition, using electronic communication allows us to communicate effortlessly from anywhere in the world.
So, the importance of the electronic website, especially the websites of educational institutions should be quite clear now. Indeed, the electronic website of the faculty of Islamic Studies is considered one of the significant websites because it is the way bywhich we can introduce ourselves, activities and culture according to quality standards. This is due to our belief that any activity, especially the ones concerned with the 3 functions of faculties: teaching, scientific research and community service should be documented through the electronic website. Otherwise, it would have a limited impact and reach no more audience than the ones where these events or activities were held.
At last, I wish you all the best and hope that you found this beneficial and look forward to seeing your notes and suggestions throughwhich we get feedback to help us keep improving and developing.


Leadership in science, wisdom in da`wah ( missionary work for islam) and moderation in approach.


We are special in providing religious knowledge, in accordance with the highest standards of quality control.
In addition to developing scientific research in order to move up in the world and use it to serve the community.


Firstly: Educational Goals:
1. Providing special educational atmosphere, for creating skilled creative human resources in in Islamic studies, and encouraging them about scientific research and team-work.
2. Modernising the university and introducing fields of specialization in keeping with international trends, continuous scientific development and the needs of society.
3. Continuous development of educational programmes using modern teaching methods and brand-new techniques in order to lift students` abilities of creativity and innovation.

Secondly: Goals of Scientific research:
1. Preparing a generation of highly-competent students and well-qualified teachers with research qualifications who can contribute to the development of education and scientific research.
2. Developing research abilities of the teaching staff in the faculty through educational courses, seminars and conferences both locally and internationally.

Thirdly: Community Service and Environmental Development:
1. Providing scientific advisory services to community organizations.
2. Providing opportunities for members of the society to take advantage of the faculty by arranging scientific lectures, seminars, conferences and forums.
3. Production and publishing of scientific content and establishing specialized scientific journals.
4. Developing and encouraging cooperation and scientific exchange between the faculty and both local and international corresponding scientific institutions.
5. Providing scientific and religious institutions and research centers with specialists in islamic studies.

Scientific Departments

Department of Islamic Theology_ Department of Islamic Law ( Sharia )_ Department of Qira`at (recitations or readings of Quran ).